During weekly events, students will host unique events catering to the students of the Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute recovery Centre. Activities may include a variety of diverse methods that aim to entertain and educate the kids.


            As the kids can only appreciate the world through the medium of vision, many of the events hosted will be focused on visual arts or physical movement. From past visits and interviews with staff of the recovery center, it is evident that the children enjoy visual forms of stimulation. Also, because of the lack of mirrors in the center, the children often do not get to see themselves. Because of this, we document each of our visits with polaroids of the children which we give to them or hang onto the Firefly Memory Tree that we donated during Christmas, 2018.  


            We also have many bonding events with the children. One of the big problems of the center is that the children are isolated and confined within the center. There is nowhere for the children to go nor anyone to take them sightseeing. The only exposure to human interaction comes from peers, instructors and the occasional visitor. Many of the children are abandoned at the center, either because of financial reasons or solely because they are viewed as a burden by their families. This isolation may lead to long-term mental health risks, which is why we hope that through our frequent promotional events, we can have Dulwich students take on a brother/sister role towards the children, giving them a sense of belonging and kinship.