Firefly Charity x 艺➕益


            The Firefly Charity and艺➕益worked together to host the First annual Art Exhibition from 2nd to 6th 2019 in Dulwich College Beijing. The purpose of the Art Exhibition was to increase awareness for the group of deaf-mute people and to show that they have many hidden talents neglected by our society. The vivid artworks presented were drawn by the deaf-mute children at the Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute Children’s Recovery Centre, it showed vibrant colors conveying how each and every one of them had unforeseeable potentials. After school, we sold baked goods made with the deaf-mute people at the Rainbow Angel Coffee Shop, informed people about our project, and how everyone can make an impact. This movement gained support from teachers and parents as they were fascinated about the artistic skills of the children and the dedication of the dead-mute people at Rainbow Café.