“Funded 150K RMB, less than 20 days, and more than 1000 participants.”


            Using the donation platform called Zhui Meng Chou, we started a fundraising called “A Plan to Help Deaf Mute Children Return Back”. The initial purpose of this was to provide enough heating fee for the children at the Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute Children’s Recovery Centre and give them warmth during the winter. However, throughout this fundraising event, more than 1000 people participated, not only the people in our community were more aware of people with hearing-disabilities, but they were able to learn and understand the ineffable difficulties of the children. With the help of passionate and eager family and friends, we were able to achieve our goal of 150K RMB in less than 20 days. 




            To use the money we funded effectively and beneficially, before we used the money the Team would sign a contract of Agreement to show that they have approved the method of how the money was used. Firstly, we used the money to buy Firefly Hoodies for the children at the Recovery Centre as it was almost winter. Due to the high cost of heating cost, the Centre often turns off the heating to save money, as a result, some children are frequently sick. Furthermore, each month during winter we would give a certain amount of money to help them pay their heating fee to make sure the children are warm during winter.



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