The Coronavirus, named 2019-nCoV, caused and is still causing serious issue globally. It already infected more than 80,000 people across China, more than 950,000 people outside of China, and affected the lives of millions.

As a charity organisation, Firefly Charity decides to donate valuable medical goods such as sanitizer to those in need. We donated these to Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute Children’s Recovery Centre as an effort to help them combat the spread of the Coronavirus. This donation was directed to the deaf-mute children that the organisation aimed to serve and protect. The donation fulfilled the high demand of these now scarce medical materials of recovery centre and helped to protect a safe environment for the deaf-mute children. We donated 10 bottles of disinfectant, thermometer, and 100.


            Apart from that, the organisation also wanted to contribute to aiding the wider society. The organisation donated 3000.00 RMB to Wuhan Charity Federation to be used to buy masks and other medical supplies as that time we were unable to get any medical supplies.  Furthermore, currently we contacted an organization who will be sending medical equipment around the world, and we gave them 1000 pairs of medical gloves, 10 big bottles of disinfectant, and 100 KN95 masks. We hope that our small amount of donation could help to improve the situation in our world.



When COVID19 was most severe in Beijing, Firefly Charity decided to send medical supplies to the XJD Deaf-Mute Rehabilitation as they lacked the essential medical supplies due to the high demand of them. We donated essential supplies such as a thermometer, 200 masks, 100 medical gloves, and 20 bottles of disinfectant.


After China started to recover, we realized that COVID19 in foreign countries, especially European countries, were severe. Therefore, through the Ramunion Organization, we were able to donate 100 KN95 masks, 10 bottles of 500ml disinfectant, and 100 pairs of medical gloves to different European countries. 


Growing up in very fortunate families, members of Firefly Charity wanted to contribute to the severe situation happening in Wuhan City. We decided to donate ¥3000.00 to the Wuhan Charity Federation to help the situation.