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What is a Cochlear Implant? 什么是人工耳蜗?

Cochlear implants are a unique sound conversion device; they are the irreplaceable lifelines of these children and will continue to be so throughout their entire lives. The cochlear implant first takes in analog sound waves and transfers them into electrical signals to the speech processor. The speech processor then processes the electrical signal making it digital while stimulating the auditory nerves in the ear. The transmission/receiving stimulator will take in the processed electrical signal through the temporal scalp into the inner ear electrode, causing the electrode conduction to stimulate the nerves, producing a degree of hearing for the children. However, this signal to the brain is in no way the same as the sound we perceive. They lack many details of hearing that we hear; although we don't have the means to fully comprehend their experience – to truly understand what their experience of hearing, you would need to have an implant of your own – it can be inferred that the sound they hear can be comparable to a malfunctioning doll voice at best.


Why Raise Awareness for the XJD Centre? 为何推广小桔灯?

The Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute Recovery center is located in the Chang Ping District of Beijing; although it is not extremely far from downtown Beijing, it does not get much attention. This is because the institution does not purely cater to hearing-impaired children but also caters to middle-income families who enroll their kids there for kindergarten. The institution uses the revenue to cover part of the financial burden for the hearing-disabled children, many of whom don't even have the financial ability to pay full tuition. Since many of the visitors represent an institution of sorts, they cannot donate large sums of money without legal barriers. The infrequent personal donations are often of small amounts and unsustainable. It is apparent after seeing a donation page on a Tencent crowdfunding launched by the Ms. Gao Li Juan under the name of the Audiology Development Foundation of China that funding is much needed, as they only raised 19.15% of their Target 51485 RMB from 557 donors after more than a month.

In contrast, our two crowdfunding attempts surpassed this value within two days separately. We hope that through promoting and raising awareness in higher income communities, we will be able to raise sufficient funds for the school – a total estimated by the Director of Teaching to be around 100 000 RMB each winter. Winter proves to be the most financially demanding because of the need for heating. In the summer, utility costs, although not as high, are also substantial because of air conditioning, which they often choose to leave off to conserve electricity. Although this has resulted in a series of heat strokes from the children because of prolonged exposure to the heat, the school does not have a say in the matter since it cannot afford the children's basic living necessities on top of air conditioning. For these children to experience the same ease and comfort that we take for granted within our daily lives, it is imperative that we raise sufficient funds to help support their growth and recovery.


相比之下,我们的两次众筹尝试仅在2天内就超过了这个数值。我们希望通过在高收入群体中的宣传于意识传播,来为康复中心筹集足够的资金,据教学主任统计,每年冬天光每个月暖气的经费就高达100 000元人民币。由于取暖的需要,冬天是最需要经费的季节。在夏天,因为空调的原因,成本依旧很高。为了节省开销,他们经常会选择不开空调,可悲的是,因此这也会导致孩子们一系列的中暑。

What are the Firefly Ethical Considerations? 萤火虫的道德考虑都有哪些?

Xiao Ju Deng Deaf-Mute Recovery Center is an organization that has been approved by the Audiology Development Foundation of China. All the kids in the center are all children diagnosed with inherent hearing disabilities in the process of recovery. Everything that we do undergoes careful consideration from the center’s Director of Education as well as the principal. We shall adhere strictly by their rules; we will not spread any false information, not interfere with the children’s daily lives, and we will not let the kids come to any harm in the process of helping them. We will put in the utmost effort to support the recovery of these children because we believe that like fireflies, we will illuminate the darkness and guide them towards a better future.


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